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luisortegag: Happy easter #justoneoftheboys @harrystyles

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btvs + priorities
   ↪ "Uh, can we just revel in your fabulous lack of priorities?"

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This is the reason gifsets were invented

friendly reminder that this wasn’t in the script - they were just messing around on set one day and this happened.

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Getting ready to go get some drinks, see live music, and hangout with friends.



Because The Internet


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"People don’t like her because it’s the making of her, right now. When she, sometime soon in the future, becomes this person that she’s been kind of building up to, for the past three seasons, now four, then people will really begin to root for her. I think even the audience doesn’t realize she’s such a dark horse. If she acted badass and tried to kill everyone there, she would be dead by now! She’s so intelligent, and I can’t stress that enough. Courtesy is a lady’s armor. She’s using her courtesy to deceive people, and she’s using her former self as a facade, and it works so much to her advantage, because people still think she’s this naive, vulnerable, little girl, and she’s really not. She knows exactly what she’s doing. She knows what game she’s playing! And no one else does. And she’s learned from the best — Cersei, Margaery, Tyrion, Littlefinger, even Joffrey. She’s learned so much from these people, and they don’t even realize it. They’re unwittingly feeding her to become this great kind of manipulator. King’s Landing can either make or break a person, and in Sansa’s case, it’s making her."

Sophie Turner, in response to Sansa hate (x)

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Queen of Hearts weights from Maya Jewelry, Rose Gold plated with Red Coral hearts.

Yellow Gold medium sized Heart nostril screw from BVLA. 

The Lindsay Triple Heart clicker in Rose Gold with CZ accents, also from BVLA. 

Warm gold hearts to warm your heart this winter.

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Evening dress, 1925

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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"I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone."

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Plan for the day:

  • job interview at American Threads
  • Jordan is taking more pictures of me for her project
  • going to see a free show at the GA Theatre rooftop